Uncertain People, Certain Happiness

Uptil standard 8 in school, I was secure and happy in an orderly and comprehensible world in which atoms consisted of a nucleus with a revolving set of electrons much like the post-Galileo solar system.

Then we were introduced to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which said that the only thing which could be said with certainty was that it is impossible to know where the electron precisely is. For all we know, it could well be having a joyride around planet Pluto.

The Heisenberg principle solved many of the conundrums of quantum mechanics but the confusion it creates in a child’s feeble mind has not been fully investigated.

But I did not realize that the topsy-turvy world of electrons will come to my rescue decades later, that the Uncertainty Principle will solve mysteries of the “classical” world as well.

Circa 2014.

Man is a social animal. He cannot exist in isolation. For best results he has to get along with people around him. He has to understand them. For even better results, he should be able to predict their behavior. This is where the challenge comes. At least for me, I have been at loss to predict behavior of people around me.

This has caused heart burns, failures and many other such undesirable outcomes.

One fine day I decided to apply the uncertainty principle to real world people as well. I started assuming that much like an electron, it is impossible to know the current cognitive location of people with any iota of certainty. It has nothing to with how hard we try, it is simply not possible…a Law of Nature.

With this assumption, I naturally allowed people a broad range of expected behavior, even to the point of allowing them to metaphorically take a ride to Pluto. In other words, let them behave in a manner which was totally unexpected (and maybe undesirable).

By unleashing people, I actually unleashed myself. I was no longer at their mercy for heart burns, failures and such. And I was able to sustain relationships despite their occasional solo trip to Pluto (though my trip to Pluto has not always been excused).

The Idea of Uncertainty is actually a very useful tool in my quest for happiness.

Human mind is fickle and people do behave erratically. There are mood swings. What hurts is not that people are different but that they are unpredictable.

By adopting the Uncertainty Principle we stop blaming people. Blaming people creates negative energy, blaming a principle does not.

People behave uncertainly because it’s a Law or Nature…not because of fickleness, mood swings, selfishness, etc. . In fact, if someone was predictable, it would be unnatural (sic).

The applicability of a quantum principle (like Uncertainty) in real life is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Many scientists and philosophers (including insignificant souls like me) are of the opinion that the human mind works using quantum principles… in other words the human mind does not resemble a digital computer in its working but the more advanced quantum computers…thus it is no surprise that some of the quantum phenomena is being experienced in real life as well…

PS : My blog does not in any way suggest that we need not be predictable or trustworthy…however, I have noticed that despite the best intentions, people are not 100% predictable. In trying to find the root cause of this, I came across several research papers which argue that the working of human mind cannot be explained by the classical physical and chemical theories. The architect of the human brain (call it Nature or Creator), used quantum principles to make it as powerful as it is. Consider quantum phenomena such as tunneling (travelling faster than speed of light), entanglement (two particles are instantaneously affected by each other despite absence of physical media or communication), consciousness (remember the double-slit experiment, electrons behave as particle or wave depending upon if there is one slit or two, as if they can see and react)….In real life we experience many situations which are very similar to quantum phenomena (two souls in real love can feel each other’s pain)….I therefore think that the reason why humans are uncertain has something to do with the quantum nature of human brain…

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