The History of Koenig Ethos

Koenig Ethos
In 2000, when Koenig was struggling, I almost gave-up. I called my father and said I am quitting, Koenig will not work and I am coming back to Chandigarh. He reposed faith in me and I stayed back.

But something inside me changed. I decided that I will no longer dream big. I will just ensure that I make my two ends meet and not seek further financial support from my father.

In retrospect it was an important change from greed (wanting to become a millionaire) to humility (wanting to just survive).

With humility many other self-purifying thoughts came tumbling out. I realized that much of my day was spent in thoughts which can only be termed negative and useless. Thus the first principle was born. I soon realized that anger was self-defeating. Hence principle # 2.

I decided that I will only let my actions and results speak rather than the dazzle of my dreams or words.

By end-2003, the worst seemed to be over. The turn-around had been remarkable. From a negative cash flow for a decade, there was a significant positive cash flow. Personally I attributed my success to the principles to be later called Koenig Ethos.

In my naivety and arrogance, I decided to summarize my thoughts to help my brothers also make a turn-around in their lives. It was a powerpoint presentation and I called it Key to Success. I shared it with people around but it did not get much interest. My father was also not impressed. He said “why do you think everyone should follow what you think works for you”.

However, the Key to Success presentation remained with me. Though not at home, in office Koenig-ites did appreciate it (did they have a choice? J).

Come 2010, we were applying for the Great Place to Work award. We had to explain what made Koenig a Great Place to Work. I could only think of the Key to Success principles which had made the company turn-around. I christened the Key to Success presentation Koenig Ethos.

The rest as they say is history…

Watch this space for personal insights into how each of the principles germinated and esconced themselves in the Koenig Ethos…


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