The Happiness Paradigm

Attaining happiness is an everyday struggle. However, happiness remains elusive and short-lived.

At Koenig we practice a set of rules which help us lead a happier life.

  1. Don’t depend on others for your happiness. You have to be self-sufficient in happiness. You have to correct your expectations from people so that they can no longer hurt you (become thick-skinned). Every-time you are unhappy, do a “five why’s (root cause analysis)” till you reach a “why” which is 100% in your control. Don’t give the keys of your happiness to anyone else.
  2. “There is no power on earth which can prevent me from getting what I deserve and I don’t want what I don’t deserve.” Don’t aspire for more than you deserve. Don’t blame anyone else for your situation in life.
  3. Be wise enough to know the difference between things you can change and those you cannot. Don’t waste energy and mental peace on the latter. But have the courage and energy to change the things you can.
  4. Smile always. Facial smile actually improves our happiness quotient. Only a happy person can be successful. Adopt a happy-go-lucky approach to life. First ensure that you are happy before trying to make others happy.
  5. Manage your love life. Happiness is hollow without a fulfilling love-life. Don’t fall in love with the wrong person. Love is like a whirlpool, once you get caught there is no escape, but if you maintain distance, it cannot affect you. Heart-break is not the end of life. Follow the “out-of-sight out-of-mind” principle to get over a heart-break.
  6. Don’t become a slave of social expectations. Do what you think is right, not what the society thinks. Make money for your needs, not for social upkeep. Keep a tight leash on your wants and cravings. Always spend less than you can afford. Don’t compare your economic level with others.
  7. Life is mortal. Anyone who comes on earth has to depart one day. Accept tragedies and move on. Time is a great healer. Why not enjoy the company of the loved ones while they are still there? Will not our happy faces make their last days brighter? “jaan hai, jahan hai” – till there is life, there is hope.
  8. “Mujhe maloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin, dil behlane ko Ghalib ye khayal achha hai” – Cry of a dying man – “I know there is no heaven, but I have started believing in it because it gives me hope and takes away the fear of death”. Our goal is to be happy. If an unverifiable faith leads to sustained happiness, what’s the harm?
  9. When you are down-and-out, imagine an even worse situation. This simple mantra can make you happy even in the worst possible situation. You will immediately feel better and be happy for what you still have.
  10. Let go of the past, embrace the future. In the Journey of Life, old relationships break and new ones form. Resisting this is resisting happiness.
  11. No use crying over spilt milk. If you have made a mistake no use cursing yourself for it. Apologize, make amends and ensure that it is not repeated. Paschataap nahin, prayashchit karo (reparation instead of remorse).
  12. Too much or too little of self control are both disastrous for happiness. Allow yourself a few harmless vices to make life worth living. A vice is a vice only in excess.

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