Happy to be back…

I have not been blogging for the past many months, not only because of lack of time (spending time doing nothing), but also because I ran out of ideas to share. In the tranche of 25 odd blog posts, I have actually said almost everything I wanted to.

However, over the past few months, some random thoughts have accumulated which I need to share before I burst. :)

I find all the thoughts very useful in my day-to-day life. I consider them as guideposts. They help me get back whenever I go astray. That is one reason I keep reviewing them. Did I mention earlier that whenever I feel sad, I revise Koenig Ethos and Happiness Paradigm and I soon discover what I am not doing write? Same is true for this collection of guideposts.

Though some thoughts might appear too idealist, rest assured they are practical. Everything said here has been used by me to great effect…

Many of these I have already tweeted @ceokoenig and shared on Facebook and Goodreads.

I hope you find them useful. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Happy to be back

1. “The world is only as exciting as we think it is…”
2. “If we look deep enough, most of our suffering is self-inflicted…”
3. “The only thing that stands between us and success is our own irrationality…”
4. “A dream dreamt often enough, eventually becomes a reality…”
5. The indirect cost of avoiding unpleasantness is chronic unpleasantness…”
6. “There is no power on earth that can stop me from getting what I deserve…and I don’t want what I don’t deserve…”
7. “The greatest disservice we can do to ourselves is to blame someone else for our situation in Life…”
8. “Thankfully we don’t desire what we can’t get,sadly we often think we can get what we can’t get…”
9. “Sympathy might be soothing but it mostly contributes to perpetuating a sympathetic condition…”
10. “The most altruistic person in the world is also the happiest…”
11. “Ingratitude is a self-damning curse…”

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