Are You Conscious?

For people who believe in the Big Bang and Theory of Evolution (which to my mind co-exist beautifully with the Theory of God and Creationism), there were two truly momentous moments in the history of life…

  1. Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen came together to form the first living cell (3.5 billion years ago).
  2.  “Consciousness” was born (100,000 years ago)

When or how the brain evolved in animals was not truly momentous. Even animals have a brain…it is consciousness which sets humans apart.

What is consciousness?  Does the fact that you are reading this and I am writing, automatically classify us as being conscious? I don’t think so.

I don’t think that the acts of reading and writing prove a state of consciousness. We might just be doing it mechanically…like there being nothing better to do than to read or write what comes our way…to me this is a state of being unconscious….

Consciousness is being self aware. Not only aware of our existence, but also of all our choices and an eminent ability to exercise choice.

Being able to observe and direct our own self are critical aspects of being conscious. As an analogy, only the director in a film-making unit is truly conscious…others are just following instructions…the director is analogous to Consciousness.

ConsciousnessIt helps me to imagine the state of consciousness as the ability to rise 1 kilometer above the surface of earth and observe and direct my-self. From that vantage point I am no longer the actor, but the director, observing rationally and directing in my best long-term interest.  Extending the metaphor, I can also observe the vicinity and take note of any danger lurking in my path.


Imagine being in a maze and the ability to rise up just a few meters…the latter makes resolving the maze so much easier…








Now that we have agreed upon the definition of consciousness, let us spend time on its practical use.In retrospect, till recently most of my day was spent in an unconscious state. I was conscious but momentarily.

I discovered that for real progress I must increase time spent in a state of true consciousness. With a lot of effort I have been able to do it, and the results are very promising…

With the right combination of “observing / directing” and “acting”, I have been able to lead a happier life. Decisions taken in a state of consciousness are rational and wise.

Spending time in consciousness requires effort. It is only the saintly who can remain effortlessly in that state. It is as if a force analogously equivalent to gravity tends to bring us back from consciousness…

I discovered that I am closer to God in the state of consciousness…I can talk to Him and it is un-mistakenly Him…when I share my problems, His advice comes streaming in…

Cosmic ConsciousnessWhile conscious I have moments of connecting with Cosmic Consciousness and it is in these moments that I think many of the ideas attributed to me actually came down to earth.

Increasing time spent in consciousness is not as esoteric as it might sound. If you read this blog three times with full concentration, you will magically experience true consciousness…


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Sanjay M
4 years 9 months ago

“Consciousness is being self aware. Not only aware of our existence, but also of all our choices and an eminent ability to exercise choice.”

The best part of this beautiful writing, I would like to imbibe in my life.

I have placed a small play-card in my bedroom, washbasin mirror and also in my cabin@Office reminding me – Are You Conscious?

Surely gonna work. Thanks a lot for solving the mysteries of every Life !!!