An Act of Boredom

Leading a company of around 500 people, the biggest challenge is reading people’s mind. How best to motivate them. How best to guide them. Understanding their umwelt. A corollary of the theory of mind. Knowing what is going in the minds of others is so important and so impossible.

Crazy as the exercise of mind reading is, it is not just limited to reading mind of others. Reading our own mind is also as cumbersome. What do we really want? Why are we taking the decisions we are taking? How can we convince ourselves? In short, we never really know ourselves as much as we think we do. I am tempted to rephrase “control your mind, control the world” to “read your mind, control the world”.

I have been doing some introspection lately. As my mind ran through the many things I do wrong, I came across a few pearls which I have strung together into a necklace for a daily reminder.
500 People4

As I review them everyday, I discover their importance as sign-posts as the current phase of my life.
Humility – I find myself deviating from humility ever so often. Exhibiting humility and experiencing true humility are two different things. I discovered that I was oscillating between the two and now I am trying to remain closer to the latter as most times. The daily reminder helps.
Thinking Deeper – Einstein said, everything should be as simple as possible but not simpler. Everyone loves simplicity. In my simplicity I was trying to simplify things too much. I was taking decisions on the fly. I am trying to be more grounded and have a more firm basis for all important decisions.
Patience – Nothing happens over-night. There is a speed barrier to everything. I was expecting people to change on the press of an advice. I am becoming more patient with them.
Optimism – I am an optimist to a fault. Though it is good to be optimistic too much of it can be suicidal. In business, optimism leads to over investment. I am now more cautious.
Boring – Last but not the least. I tend to work only on the interesting stuff. Meetings are interesting, preparing minutes of the meeting are not. Whatever gets instant gratification is interesting, anything where results take time is boring. Reading is interesting, writing is not.
I have decided to spend more time on boring stuff every day. It is proving to be the more valuable part of my day.
I was able to write this blog because of my resolve to do something boring every day. Hopefully, it will prove that what we consider boring stuff is often very valuable…

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