A Unique Love Story

Having crossed the perspective-altering milestone of 40 years, I have no qualms in admitting that I have had a less than fair share of crushes, flings and infatuations. In fact, very few.

The defining (and most painful) song of my younger days was Rod Stewart’s “some guys have all the luck”…and oh, how much his song “infatuation” tormented me…

More than once, Queen’s I want to break free, “this time I know it is for real”…sounded so true to me (though not so in retrospect)…

Then my loving and lovely wife came into my life and changed everything…

Even so I have not stopped wondering what this strange feeling called love is all about.

I think love is –

A genuine, intense and pro-active interest in the spiritual and life-beyond well being of the loved one. True love is devoid of a need for possessing.

Infatuation (which is often confused as love) is essentially about possessing (or possibility of it). This is why we don’t usually get infatuated with someone we know we cannot possess, but nothing stops us from loving someone we can never possess.

I was so delighted when I discovered a celestial manifestation of true love.

Sun loves Planet Earth like no other lover I know. He is burning himself to death so that Earth lives as long as is possible.

earth and sun images

Earth has reciprocated the love by showering Sun with her undivided attention. Swinging and twirling around him with a constancy which happens only in true love.

Sun, a true lover, has maintained safe distance, cuddling Earth with his warmth but never once trying to get closer at the cost of certain death for his beloved. He will get closer but only when the closeness cannot cause her any harm (as per scientists, Sun will start dying in another 6 billion years but Earth will die even before Sun and after death Sun will expand and engulf whatever remains of Earth).

How romantic…

Many a time, we let true love be adulterated by selfish interest. This prevents us from doing full justice to true love.

Boyzone’s “Love me for a reason”…says it the best…

Don’t love me for fun, girl
Let me be the one, girl
Love me for a reason
Let the reason be love

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Sanjay M
5 years 8 months ago
If I say I liked this very expression of your heart and being wonderfully creative in writing, then I am lying. You are touching the heart of every lover by giving the analogy of Sun and Earth. There are wonderful poets who have very meticulously written on love but no-one ever thought and expressed that Sun loves Earth and that too in such a nicer way. Its amazing to read this. Honestly I fell in Love with this. You taught a wonderful definition of Love. Somehow, while reading, I remembered and felt a glimpse of love between my loving Dad… Read more »
5 years 8 months ago

Love this article Sir

Deepali aggarwal
5 years 8 months ago

Nice….. I still believe,’some guys have all the luck’ as this wonderful feeling of love is only there when feelings are two sided as in case of earth and sun…. But unfortunately, not always true in case of all human relationships!!!